Volunteers Needed – Sign up now!

Volunteers – we need you!

This event is going to be awesome – you can see there’s great bands, a fully professional setup, and real community spirit that comes through everyone we talk to.  An event like this should also raise funds to help run and improve the clubs that are involved.  As part of that, we ask club members and their friends and family to be part of it, as volunteers, and be a bigger part of the weekend.

By helping out, you’ll get a “volunteer” wristband that will get you access to the main arena whenever you are not working.  And, numbers permitting, we’ll get you a discount code to upgrade to VIP at a reduced rate.do something

If we can get enough people to help out, it might only be a few hours that’s needed – we’d aim to keep it down to one main shift per person if we can.

Note, however, that we need to get in touch beforehand, agree what you’ll cover, and most likely invite you down a few days before the event to see how it will work.  To do that, we need your details!

We do also ask that you indicate whether you’re a club member or not, and if not, we’ll look for a “sponsor” from one of the clubs.  You should probably confirm with them first!  While we expect most people to uphold their end of the deal, if you don’t turn up for your shift, we’ll charge you the weekend ticket price.  Sound fair?

The signup form is here: https://goo.gl/forms/KtPmPch89ziVdjr32

Setup and Cleanup

From the middle of the week, we’ll be setting up the pitch and clubhouse for the event.  First, there’s the stage, which comes professionally managed.  Then there’s the hired equipment – fencing, matting, signage, toilets – that all need organised and some assembly.  Then there’s some decoration in and outside the club.  And of course we’ll need to clean up and reset for Saturday, and take it all away again on the Sunday.  Many hands, as they say, make light work!


Bill runs a tight ship at the rugby club bar, and will be on top of the bar activities at the event.  On each day, the bar will need stocked, checked, and set up ready to go.

Then we’ll have stations to fill – some serving customers and handling money, some pouring drinks at a station behind, and some re-stocking the service area as we go.  Someone will also be a runner, helping where needed and invariably going back and forth to the clubhouse.  And of course, we’d like to stay on top of the litter as we go.

So plenty of volunteer activity here, if that suits you?


Security at this kind of event is incredibly important, and the site will be professionally managed.  To help them out, the primary role for volunteers is to help ensure the safety and security of the site and customers, by following the site operations plan, and doing a job at one or more stations.  This can practically mean staffing an entry / exit point to check wristbands, directing traffic in event of an evacuation, or just being available to answer questions and keep an eye on things.  We’ll also have to deal with traffic, parking, and the crowds at entry and exit.  The more people on board at these key times, the better!

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it!

Sign up!

As you can see, we do need load of volunteers – and having the two days means we can give something back for it.  So go ahead and fill in the form below and help us out!





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